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Learn More - Carapace

Learn More - Carapace

Maarten Baas draws inspiration from the natural world for his Carapace series. Taking the concept of highly decorative tortoise shells, which historically were prized for their intricate formations and luxurious sheen, Baas dot-welds hundreds of steel plates together to form a lustrous exterior.

Baas plays with the duality of an impenetrable armor protecting a soft, fine interior, which in this case are cushions upholstered in Mohair fabric.

“I like the contrast between a very hard outside and a soft inside, something fragile, something that needs to develop, like an oyster. Everyone has it, one’s heart is protected by one’s chest, but also more psychologically, everyone tends to protect parts of themselves that are sensitive. Carapace explores the feeling of vulnerability against the desire for development in the environment.” – Maarten Baas

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