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Real Time Children’s Clock

Real Time Children’s Clock

Maarten Baas’ Children’s Clocks consolidates the artist’s aptitude for childlike creativity. To create the clock face of these vibrant artworks, Baas asked 720 children to each contribute a drawing of the hands of a clock at a specific time. In total, 720 unique drawings edited together to indicate the time across 720 minutes (12 hours), maintaining each Children’s Clock as a functioning timepiece.

The housing of these latest additions to Baas’ Real Time series is made as a continuation of the artist’s iconic Clay collection, in a Limited Edition of 100 pieces, each in a unique colour.

Edition: Edition of 101

Year: 2022

Exhibition February 14th - May 13th 2023

Carpenters Workshop Gallery
7070 Santa Monica Boulevard CA 90038
Los Angeles

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