The Sketch, Bakermat Architecture

Year: 2015

“The Sketch” was the winning design for an architecture competition to design an iconic building for the Marconi square in Eindhoven. Baas partnered with two teams of architects from the Dutch-based firm Van Aken Architecten to create residential designs for the Eindhoven square. The Sketch includes a group of mismatched, almost cartoon-like towers constructed of varying colours and materials.  The towers are so strikingly strange, some may argue they’re beautiful. The end result is a light-hearted and optimistic building, an entrance to the city of Eindhoven.

“Architecture is a very rational, almost scientific discipline. I appreciate the amount of knowhow that’s needed and many things taken into account to design a building. Yet, the end result often looks far different from the beauty of the initial sketch idea. I wanted to keep that spontaneity, just like how I tend to do with my furniture.” 

Currently, the preparations to construct this building are being made.