Photography by John Coombes

Just About Now

Year: 2012
Material: wood, brass, sand, glass

Just About Now is a sand timer created for Laikingland, an English producer of kinetic objects, that indicates the passing of time with the sounding of a gong.The more sand, the longer it takes.

“I’ve always have an interest in ways to indicate time. Despite the fact that time is abstract and relative, in the western world it’s normal to indicate time very precisely. Apart from things like train schedules or the duration of sporting games, the exact time is often irrelevant. A coffee break, a meditation, a nap, a business meeting, they could take a few minutes longer or shorter than an exact amount of time. This is why I wanted to create a timer that bangs a gong, more or less after the amount of time you indicated. One spoon is exactly one minute. You want a bit more than a minute? Take a fuller spoon…”