Grey Derivations

Year: 2010
Material: steel, industrial clay

This exhibition by Geneva-based Mitterand & Cramer was an opportunity for Maarten Baas and the gallery to question the edition process in relationship to the production process. This lead to the conclusion that this specific series should stay unique considering the hundreds of craftsmanship hours devoted to each piece, thus making the idea of an edition a nonsensical thing.

Apart from the Desk Light (whose base was produced using a mould), the other five works are unique, together with one true artist proof meant to exclusively reach museums or prominent private collections.

“In this series, I wanted to play with the contrast between the hard, cold exterior and the more organic, vibrant interior. I particularly like the secretaire, with the weird legs sticking out for apparently no reason. Yet, when opening the desk, they function as a support for the tabletop.”