Does Maarten consider himself an artist or a designer?



What’s New?

“What’s New?!” Since that question is asked so often, Maarten Baas wanted to find out what “New” actually is. “But, that’s not so easy because it’s all relative!”, says the designer. “In the end, I couldn’t tell the difference between a second and a century or a short hype and an everlasting change. But, I’m pretty sure I made something “new” here!”


What’s your favourite design?

“Of course, there’s the cliché that every design is like a designer’s baby. That’s also for me the case and I definitely have some very annoying kids.” However, Maarten’s new collections that are often launched and shown in Milan are forming the core of other collections. In this website, the main works are featured on the homepage, as the base from which the “other works” derive.


I burned a chair myself, could you tell me how to preserve it? What clay do you use for Clay furniture?

The answer is: 42


Is Maarten in the clocks?

Yes, he’s in the Self Portrait Clock for Carpenters Workshop Gallery


Don’t you think design should be more democratic than these exclusive pieces?

Democracy works well as a starting point as a political system, but in the creative process it’s less of a good idea. We’re happy making things for a happy few people who can afford the pieces and therefore also support the production of new works. Everybody can enjoy the works for free on the internet and in magazines.


What’s the relation between DHPH and Maarten Baas?

DHPH derived from the studio of Maarten Baas. Maarten’s production partner, Bas Den Herder (DH), produces almost all of the prototypes and editions at their Production House (PH). Besides pieces for Maarten Baas, DHPH occasionally also produces works for other designers, museums or companies.


Does Maarten take interns?

Maarten rarely takes interns, but the DHPH studio does. This means an intern is involved in the prototyping- and production processes, which in Maarten’s case is a significant part of the design process. For more information, write to